Ke$ha Designs Watches For Baby-G

Ke$ha who was named the face of Casio’s Baby-G watches last year, is seen looking quite sexy and I dare say pretty in her new campaign ad.

Rocking full on makeup and more blonde hair than any human head could ever grow, the singer looks sexy and a bit glam for a change.  LOVE IT!!

This article ‘Ke$ha Designs Watches For Baby-G, Strips Down To Panties For Campaign‘ is published on It is a website for fashion, music and lifestyle.

This is an overall very good online news article, because 1) it has a relatively attracting title, 2) the picture is eye-catching, 3) the link to the youtube video is useful.

The article contains some hyperlinks as well, for example, it gives a link to the  press release of Ke$ha’s first annoucement of being brand embassador for Baby-G. It also has “learn more about the watches here” for users to directly connect to the casio’s homepage, which I think, is the most important thing when brand sends out a online press release, is to include the brand’s homepage.

The article, overall, is an interactive piece and communicate well with its target audiences, which is young fashion pursuer.