Watches Style Update – Autumn 2011

The UK online B2C company Shade Station published a new blog today, “Watches Style Update – Autumn 2011”. As we all know, due to the fast paced and ever evolving nature of the style industry, those website has to constantly review the latest trends, styles and brands and updating its collections accordingly. That is also why most of the online trading website has a forum and a blog to post the latest styles and link them to their product information page. Article link.

This article is extremely long with at least 3,000words. I’m not sure if its customers have the patience to read them all. Sadly, the article doesn’t have any pictures, which I think it will be much more interesting to read if it has. 

The good thing about this article is it has hyperlinks to its brand information page of different brands. For example, Some of our most iconic brands such as Diesel watches, DKNY watches, D&G watches, Calvin Klein watches, Police watches, Ted Baker watches and LTD watches are also in the mix, all of which have introduced some incredible new styles to look out for this autumn.

It also has a ‘view archives’ column to the right, which has links to every month’s article sine May 2008. It does make it easier to the reader to select articles chronologically. But it will be better if it includes a ‘related article’ at the buttom which has a title link. Otherwise, the hyperlink is not very useful to the reader.

Overall, I have to say, it may be an interesting article to read, but its layout will just prevent the readers to do so.