Swatch Partner Hengdeli Says China Golden Week Sales Rise 50%

This is an article published on Bloomberg this morning, Swatch Partner Hengdeli Says China Golden Week Sales Rise 50%.

Bloomberg is a website for updated business news and financial information. Its main target audience is professionals in business and finance. The article basically is a little boring as most of other financial news. This is not an attractive news perhaps due to the overall ‘boring’ culture of the website.

The picture above is a Swatch concept store in Beijing. See how amazing western products melting into Eastern culture. I love to observe how different customers from different culture background think differently to the same products. Marketing is amazing as you, as a professional marketer, has to analyse the products and consumer behaviour so that to sell the products.

That is also why I have this blog. It looks like it’s something about fashion watches, it is actually about how different countries and different brand use the online/ social media to promote their products to their target customers. I believe with the rapid development of technology, those most successful brands are those who intergrate several media together as a promoting platform.


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  1. The concept store looks amazing. There no boundaries on art and fashion design between different countries and culture background.

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