Swatch Launches Swatch Touch

Swatch Launches Swatch Touch.

This is a blog entry about the new launch of Swatch Touch digital watches.
30-09-2011 7-15-44 AM
This hyperlink above was made through the ‘wordpress’ link buttom at the end of the article. The link looks like this:

It is from a very famous fashion blog which has thousands of followers. And it has advertisements on the first page. This article, however, the author didn’t put a lot of effort on the writing. The picture is not very nice. The thing I do like is the share buttom. It includes a ‘press this’ which rarely can be seen in other online articles. The ability to easily bookmark or share content on popular social media platforms is now a must have feature for web sites. It’s also important that this feature isn’t over looked by web site visitors. So it’s always a good idea to use icons when linking to social media sites. They get peoples attention and the logos are immediately recognizable.
A study done by BrightEdge mentioned in an eMarketer article states that, “On average, a website without a Twitter share button was mentioned four times, while a site with a tweet button was mentioned 27 times. Including a Twitter plugin button increased mentions on Twitter almost sevenfold.”
It is to say that the ‘share buttom’ is the online version of word of mouth, which I totally agree.
By the way, the new digital Swatch Touch is really difficult to control. They are sold at AUD165


  1. Yeah I agree talk about not putting enough effort in. Does this blog really have a lot of followers? Doesn’t seem like the content is engaging enough lol. Good analysis of the layout though. I like how you’ve included information from a formal study.

  2. It seems that social media has become a basic feature of online stories which has been regarded as a effective way of boost your audience.

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