GUESS Watches team up with breast cancer charity

GUESS Watches has joined forces with the National Breast Cancer Foundation as a research partner.

The picture on the right is a limited edition by Guess Watch, with a pink sparkling Breast Cancer Logo on the dial.

GUESS will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Sparkling Pink watch in Australia to the foundation, effectively helping raise funds for future research into the prevention and hopeful cure of breast cancer.

I am interesting to know how Guess can be the Breast Cancer Foundation’s ‘research partner’.

The clothes brand, CUE, has also joined with the Breast Cancer Foundation recently. Corporations nowadays really wants to show their social responsibility to the public.

This is a news article annoucing the partnership of Guess and the Breast Cancer Foundation. Article Link

Its target audience will be anyone who’s interested in the watch and jewellry (as posted on the jeweller manazine). It has some links of other charity partnerships in the industry, which can be further reading for its audience. The layout and content is not very interesting.

It seemed like Guess Watch Australia has not put enough effort on promoting the campaign. This news article may come from a media release while it did not work effectively to increase awareness of the project, in my point of view.


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