The Power of Social Media and Brand Management

Just read an article being published today: Swatch Netnography: A look at Consumer Sentiment in Social Media.

This is a website called bussiness to community, which is an independent online community focused on sharing the latest news surrounding Social Media, Marketing, Branding and  Public Relations.The case study style article was published on the website to research techniques of anthropology to the study of online communities. This article critically analysed the positive and negative feedback posted online by the Swatch customers. The author may have had searched ‘Swatch’ as a key term on Twitter and facebook and reached the conclusion:

Positive Theme: consumers find that Swatch watches have “great quality,” meaning they find them “cool,” “timeless,” (an odd compliment for a timepiece) and “durable.”

Negative Theme: “Poor customer service”  is the biggest negative theme, with “repair issues” being the thing consumers find fault with most often.

The power of social media is so strong these days which I think, is stronger than the old ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategy. It becomes a new media of marketing. Social media allows you to brand yourself long before anyone becomes your customer. And it can often be the catalyst that brings them over. And why wouldn’t they? You’ve already become a part of the group. In fact, if you’ve done your social marketing right, you’ve already become their friend. This is interactive branding at work.

This article is published on the website which its readers forcus on the relationship of social media and the current society. It has more links to the other social media than any other articles I have ever seen.

This article originally appeared on NetBase Blog and has been republished with permission’. So the article published on may be a promotion by its author after he published on his blog.

There are also similar article links for the reader to expand the topic.

Overall, it’s a successful article but its content won’t arouse many people’s attention.



  1. No doubt that social media makes the world go round these days. But I want to clarify the point about it being “stronger” than the word of mouth strategy. I think word of mouth is still the most effective marketing strat. the way I look at is like social networking sites are like the ‘modern’ form of word of mouth because it functions similarly to the traditional word of mouth. It pass on the info from 1 person to another and the next time you know it, it’s out there in the world! 😉 Nice use of pie graphs to illustrate stats, could be better if you make it bigger 😉

  2. I had a Swatch watch before. It is really fashionable and thin to wear it. However, when the watch was out of battery, it was hard for me to change it. The address of repair is so far.

  3. That’s really impressed. Coz before you mentioned I just know the postive theme and the advertisings never lets cumsumers know the pruduct’s negtive theme. And this blog contain URL and charts. That make readers understand the key points clearly.

  4. I have to agree with Marylove that ‘word of mouth’ is and always will be a really good marketing strategy, no matter what. BUT as you pointed out in your blog entry, social media has become a huge part of a company’s branding and definitely supports their image. Many business and technology magazines provide detailed information on how to use social media platforms like facebook more effectively without damaging or harming your company’s appearance in public. It is a strong tool but it also involves far more security and carefulness than with ‘word of mouth’ as long as the message is straightforward.

  5. Social networking becomes stronger and stronger which is becomes one of our daily routines. I agree you that companies should begin build up their imagine in social networking. Just like, some employers might search interviewees’ social netwoking website as well.
    I like the way you show the statistics.

  6. How smart to use bar chart here!

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