Jeremy Scott Round 2

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Jeremy Scott has teamed up with Swatch once again on a collection of pop art timepieces bearing the designer’s signature quirky and outlandish style. The new collection includes five different watches: Melted minutes, Swatch Portrait, Swatch Punk, Double Vision Swatch and Hypnotic Heart.

This is an article published on Jeremy
Scott Releases 5 New Swatch Watches, Proves He’s Really Good At Smizing.
 It is a large promoting platform online because of the Swatch MTV playground. It is under the ‘style’ section and has a nice layout.
This article is quite successful in delivering its key term messages by including a lot of hyperlinks through the texts. For example, when introducing ‘ Jeremy Scott’, it has a hyperlink of Jeremy Scott’s most famous collection Adidas x Jeremy Scott. It has a hyperlink on Jeremy’s first corporation with Swatch, his first collection. The paragraph even has a link to Jeremy’s Twitter link “he tweeted about“.
Those hyperlinks can take the reader to other related information on this website, thus it can increase the readership of the website/blog. They can help the article to be informative, but still simple, precise and established. To cheer up the website without loosing the structure and credibility.
Ldler says (2011),
“Compared with the generic version, embedded links were more noticed in both the informative and intriguing version. Besides, embedded links as well as headlines in the main body were better recognized than links in the sub navigation.”

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