Ke$ha Designs Watches For Baby-G

Ke$ha who was named the face of Casio’s Baby-G watches last year, is seen looking quite sexy and I dare say pretty in her new campaign ad.

Rocking full on makeup and more blonde hair than any human head could ever grow, the singer looks sexy and a bit glam for a change.  LOVE IT!!

This article ‘Ke$ha Designs Watches For Baby-G, Strips Down To Panties For Campaign‘ is published on It is a website for fashion, music and lifestyle.

This is an overall very good online news article, because 1) it has a relatively attracting title, 2) the picture is eye-catching, 3) the link to the youtube video is useful.

The article contains some hyperlinks as well, for example, it gives a link to the  press release of Ke$ha’s first annoucement of being brand embassador for Baby-G. It also has “learn more about the watches here” for users to directly connect to the casio’s homepage, which I think, is the most important thing when brand sends out a online press release, is to include the brand’s homepage.

The article, overall, is an interactive piece and communicate well with its target audiences, which is young fashion pursuer.


The Power of Social Media and Brand Management

Just read an article being published today: Swatch Netnography: A look at Consumer Sentiment in Social Media.

This is a website called bussiness to community, which is an independent online community focused on sharing the latest news surrounding Social Media, Marketing, Branding and  Public Relations.The case study style article was published on the website to research techniques of anthropology to the study of online communities. This article critically analysed the positive and negative feedback posted online by the Swatch customers. The author may have had searched ‘Swatch’ as a key term on Twitter and facebook and reached the conclusion:

Positive Theme: consumers find that Swatch watches have “great quality,” meaning they find them “cool,” “timeless,” (an odd compliment for a timepiece) and “durable.”

Negative Theme: “Poor customer service”  is the biggest negative theme, with “repair issues” being the thing consumers find fault with most often.

The power of social media is so strong these days which I think, is stronger than the old ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategy. It becomes a new media of marketing. Social media allows you to brand yourself long before anyone becomes your customer. And it can often be the catalyst that brings them over. And why wouldn’t they? You’ve already become a part of the group. In fact, if you’ve done your social marketing right, you’ve already become their friend. This is interactive branding at work.

This article is published on the website which its readers forcus on the relationship of social media and the current society. It has more links to the other social media than any other articles I have ever seen.

This article originally appeared on NetBase Blog and has been republished with permission’. So the article published on may be a promotion by its author after he published on his blog.

There are also similar article links for the reader to expand the topic.

Overall, it’s a successful article but its content won’t arouse many people’s attention.

Jeremy Scott Round 2

File 3855

Jeremy Scott has teamed up with Swatch once again on a collection of pop art timepieces bearing the designer’s signature quirky and outlandish style. The new collection includes five different watches: Melted minutes, Swatch Portrait, Swatch Punk, Double Vision Swatch and Hypnotic Heart.

This is an article published on Jeremy
Scott Releases 5 New Swatch Watches, Proves He’s Really Good At Smizing.
 It is a large promoting platform online because of the Swatch MTV playground. It is under the ‘style’ section and has a nice layout.
This article is quite successful in delivering its key term messages by including a lot of hyperlinks through the texts. For example, when introducing ‘ Jeremy Scott’, it has a hyperlink of Jeremy Scott’s most famous collection Adidas x Jeremy Scott. It has a hyperlink on Jeremy’s first corporation with Swatch, his first collection. The paragraph even has a link to Jeremy’s Twitter link “he tweeted about“.
Those hyperlinks can take the reader to other related information on this website, thus it can increase the readership of the website/blog. They can help the article to be informative, but still simple, precise and established. To cheer up the website without loosing the structure and credibility.
Ldler says (2011),
“Compared with the generic version, embedded links were more noticed in both the informative and intriguing version. Besides, embedded links as well as headlines in the main body were better recognized than links in the sub navigation.”

Tiffany & Co. and Swatchgroup broke up

In December 2007 Swatch Group and Tiffany & Co. announced a strategic alliance to further the development, production and worldwide distribution of Tiffany & Co. brand watches. Only three years later, Swatch Group terminated the partnership with Tiffany because of Tiffany & Co’s “systematic efforts to block and delay development of the business.”

I’m going to compare three different online news articles here in terms of their delivery of this news.

1. Swatch ends partnership with Tiffany (Jeweller Magazine)

2. Swatch Group, Tiffany End Watch Venture in Dispute (Accessories Magazine)

3. Swatch ends contentious deal with Tiffany (Reuters)

The second article is a very basic one which, though it has more interesting content than the first article, is the least attractive article in terms of effectiveness of the delivery.

Second article has a related reading lists and share buttoms which adds more information. The third article is the best one.

The Reuters’ article delivers clear information, related article in the industry as well as in other businesses, video link and comment area. It even concludes the stockshare price of the Swatchgroup and Tiffany & Co.

It is no wonder that Reuters does better as it is a more professional media organisation.