Swatch & Kidrobot

Swatch once again shows that the serious business of telling the time can be colourful and in tune with the wider world out there. This season sees a collaboration between Swatch and KidRobot ‘an art-driven toy and lifestyle brand’. If that all sounds a bit odd, then have a look at the watches that are the work of eight different designers who have created eight ‘Gents’ or watches and their corresponding ‘Dunny’ which is Kidrobot’s bunny-like vinyl toy. Each watch comes with its own little Dunny so watch out for these funny little ani-bots soon to pop up on desks and dashboards around the world.

This time we are looking into the China market. Swatch Kidrobot has been FIRST released in Shanghai, China among all the other countries. An article published on H5PO, a famous Chinese fashion website showing the latest trends, on the day of the watch being released, titled ‘when arts meet fashion, the grand opening of Swatch Boutique Store’.

I am really into this article not only because it is in Chinese (haha…), but, more importantly, the picture and the article itself. The three-page article demonstrates the insight of swatch collabration with arts and the insights of the new Kidrobot watch. It creates a slogan for all the eight watches in this family and clearly shows each story behind every watch.

Article link

Hope you all love it!


The eyes have it

Rankin swatch collaboration

Swatch is always connected with arts.

This time, Swatch brought another art pieces working with London Famed Photographer, Rankin. Borne out of his fascination with the human eye, these versions of Swatch’s Gent Original style have dials bearing extremely close-up multi-color photographs depicting the iris and pupil parts of the human eyeball.

Rankin has shot some of the world’s biggest supermodels like Kate Moss and Heidi Klumand he loves eye. As some say, the eye is an insight into a soul, perhaps that is why Rankin has focused on
the eye as the background on his take on the classic Swatch Gent Original watch.

As soon as the watch being released on early July, the Los Angeles Times has published an article ‘Rankin, Swatch collaboration: The eyes have it’. The article introduces the new range of Swatch Rankin Watches and their features.

As a staff of Swatch Group, Swatch surprised me with this set of creative art piece as always. It infuses with colors and different patterns to demonstrate the ‘soul’ eyeballs. This post catches my attention because the ending sentense: Keeping an eye on the time has never been easier — or looked better. I am inspried by this sentence as it descirbes the watch so well.

I am into this article because I know Swatch product well and so will the other Swatch fans. But to other normal readers, this article, however, can possibly fail to catch their eyes because it didn’t have much background information.

I love the last part of the article that it has other related links such as ‘at Swatch, it’s Jeremy Scott time’, such useful links can take readers to explore more of the related area.