Swatch Partner Hengdeli Says China Golden Week Sales Rise 50%

This is an article published on Bloomberg this morning, Swatch Partner Hengdeli Says China Golden Week Sales Rise 50%.

Bloomberg is a website for updated business news and financial information. Its main target audience is professionals in business and finance. The article basically is a little boring as most of other financial news. This is not an attractive news perhaps due to the overall ‘boring’ culture of the website.

The picture above is a Swatch concept store in Beijing. See how amazing western products melting into Eastern culture. I love to observe how different customers from different culture background think differently to the same products. Marketing is amazing as you, as a professional marketer, has to analyse the products and consumer behaviour so that to sell the products.

That is also why I have this blog. It looks like it’s something about fashion watches, it is actually about how different countries and different brand use the online/ social media to promote their products to their target customers. I believe with the rapid development of technology, those most successful brands are those who intergrate several media together as a promoting platform.


Swatch Launches Swatch Touch

Swatch Launches Swatch Touch.

This is a blog entry about the new launch of Swatch Touch digital watches.
30-09-2011 7-15-44 AM
This hyperlink above was made through the ‘wordpress’ link buttom at the end of the article. The link looks like this:

It is from a very famous fashion blog which has thousands of followers. And it has advertisements on the first page. This article, however, the author didn’t put a lot of effort on the writing. The picture is not very nice. The thing I do like is the share buttom. It includes a ‘press this’ which rarely can be seen in other online articles. The ability to easily bookmark or share content on popular social media platforms is now a must have feature for web sites. It’s also important that this feature isn’t over looked by web site visitors. So it’s always a good idea to use icons when linking to social media sites. They get peoples attention and the logos are immediately recognizable.
A study done by BrightEdge mentioned in an eMarketer article states that, “On average, a website without a Twitter share button was mentioned four times, while a site with a tweet button was mentioned 27 times. Including a Twitter plugin button increased mentions on Twitter almost sevenfold.”
It is to say that the ‘share buttom’ is the online version of word of mouth, which I totally agree.
By the way, the new digital Swatch Touch is really difficult to control. They are sold at AUD165

Watches Style Update – Autumn 2011

The UK online B2C company Shade Station published a new blog today, “Watches Style Update – Autumn 2011”. As we all know, due to the fast paced and ever evolving nature of the style industry, those website has to constantly review the latest trends, styles and brands and updating its collections accordingly. That is also why most of the online trading website has a forum and a blog to post the latest styles and link them to their product information page. Article link.

This article is extremely long with at least 3,000words. I’m not sure if its customers have the patience to read them all. Sadly, the article doesn’t have any pictures, which I think it will be much more interesting to read if it has. 

The good thing about this article is it has hyperlinks to its brand information page of different brands. For example, Some of our most iconic brands such as Diesel watches, DKNY watches, D&G watches, Calvin Klein watches, Police watches, Ted Baker watches and LTD watches are also in the mix, all of which have introduced some incredible new styles to look out for this autumn.

It also has a ‘view archives’ column to the right, which has links to every month’s article sine May 2008. It does make it easier to the reader to select articles chronologically. But it will be better if it includes a ‘related article’ at the buttom which has a title link. Otherwise, the hyperlink is not very useful to the reader.

Overall, I have to say, it may be an interesting article to read, but its layout will just prevent the readers to do so.

GUESS Watches team up with breast cancer charity

GUESS Watches has joined forces with the National Breast Cancer Foundation as a research partner.

The picture on the right is a limited edition by Guess Watch, with a pink sparkling Breast Cancer Logo on the dial.

GUESS will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Sparkling Pink watch in Australia to the foundation, effectively helping raise funds for future research into the prevention and hopeful cure of breast cancer.

I am interesting to know how Guess can be the Breast Cancer Foundation’s ‘research partner’.

The clothes brand, CUE, has also joined with the Breast Cancer Foundation recently. Corporations nowadays really wants to show their social responsibility to the public.

This is a news article annoucing the partnership of Guess and the Breast Cancer Foundation. Article Link

Its target audience will be anyone who’s interested in the watch and jewellry (as posted on the jeweller manazine). It has some links of other charity partnerships in the industry, which can be further reading for its audience. The layout and content is not very interesting.

It seemed like Guess Watch Australia has not put enough effort on promoting the campaign. This news article may come from a media release while it did not work effectively to increase awareness of the project, in my point of view.

Ke$ha Designs Watches For Baby-G

Ke$ha who was named the face of Casio’s Baby-G watches last year, is seen looking quite sexy and I dare say pretty in her new campaign ad.

Rocking full on makeup and more blonde hair than any human head could ever grow, the singer looks sexy and a bit glam for a change.  LOVE IT!!

This article ‘Ke$ha Designs Watches For Baby-G, Strips Down To Panties For Campaign‘ is published on It is a website for fashion, music and lifestyle.

This is an overall very good online news article, because 1) it has a relatively attracting title, 2) the picture is eye-catching, 3) the link to the youtube video is useful.

The article contains some hyperlinks as well, for example, it gives a link to the  press release of Ke$ha’s first annoucement of being brand embassador for Baby-G. It also has “learn more about the watches here” for users to directly connect to the casio’s homepage, which I think, is the most important thing when brand sends out a online press release, is to include the brand’s homepage.

The article, overall, is an interactive piece and communicate well with its target audiences, which is young fashion pursuer.

The Power of Social Media and Brand Management

Just read an article being published today: Swatch Netnography: A look at Consumer Sentiment in Social Media.

This is a website called bussiness to community, which is an independent online community focused on sharing the latest news surrounding Social Media, Marketing, Branding and  Public Relations.The case study style article was published on the website to research techniques of anthropology to the study of online communities. This article critically analysed the positive and negative feedback posted online by the Swatch customers. The author may have had searched ‘Swatch’ as a key term on Twitter and facebook and reached the conclusion:

Positive Theme: consumers find that Swatch watches have “great quality,” meaning they find them “cool,” “timeless,” (an odd compliment for a timepiece) and “durable.”

Negative Theme: “Poor customer service”  is the biggest negative theme, with “repair issues” being the thing consumers find fault with most often.

The power of social media is so strong these days which I think, is stronger than the old ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategy. It becomes a new media of marketing. Social media allows you to brand yourself long before anyone becomes your customer. And it can often be the catalyst that brings them over. And why wouldn’t they? You’ve already become a part of the group. In fact, if you’ve done your social marketing right, you’ve already become their friend. This is interactive branding at work.

This article is published on the website which its readers forcus on the relationship of social media and the current society. It has more links to the other social media than any other articles I have ever seen.

This article originally appeared on NetBase Blog and has been republished with permission’. So the article published on may be a promotion by its author after he published on his blog.

There are also similar article links for the reader to expand the topic.

Overall, it’s a successful article but its content won’t arouse many people’s attention.

Jeremy Scott Round 2

File 3855

Jeremy Scott has teamed up with Swatch once again on a collection of pop art timepieces bearing the designer’s signature quirky and outlandish style. The new collection includes five different watches: Melted minutes, Swatch Portrait, Swatch Punk, Double Vision Swatch and Hypnotic Heart.

This is an article published on Jeremy
Scott Releases 5 New Swatch Watches, Proves He’s Really Good At Smizing.
 It is a large promoting platform online because of the Swatch MTV playground. It is under the ‘style’ section and has a nice layout.
This article is quite successful in delivering its key term messages by including a lot of hyperlinks through the texts. For example, when introducing ‘ Jeremy Scott’, it has a hyperlink of Jeremy Scott’s most famous collection Adidas x Jeremy Scott. It has a hyperlink on Jeremy’s first corporation with Swatch, his first collection. The paragraph even has a link to Jeremy’s Twitter link “he tweeted about“.
Those hyperlinks can take the reader to other related information on this website, thus it can increase the readership of the website/blog. They can help the article to be informative, but still simple, precise and established. To cheer up the website without loosing the structure and credibility.
Ldler says (2011),
“Compared with the generic version, embedded links were more noticed in both the informative and intriguing version. Besides, embedded links as well as headlines in the main body were better recognized than links in the sub navigation.”